304 stainless steel kettle Smartcook 2.5L SM 3372

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Technical data:

- One   Class   bottom   instant

- Material warm body made of 304 stainless steel   high gloss. The warm bottom is made of high grade 430 stainless steel for optimal starting.

- The faucet tip has a siren when boiling

- Through i   The kettle is made of black, insulating plastic

- Use with a variety of stoves such as electric stoves, induction cookers, gas stoves ... and other types of stoves

- Warm easy to clean, clean

- Specially designed to optimize and evenly distribute heat during cooking

- Save energy, water boil faster

Warranty: 12 months
Origin : Czech Republic

ModelSM - 3372
Volume2,5 l
Materialstainless steel/plastic