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Product specifications:

- Set of 3 stainless steel 5 pots with the diameter of 18, 20, 24 cm and one of the diameter of 16cm

- Brand name: Tempered glass, heat resistant 4mm thick

- Rivet straps sure

Structure of the product:

- The top layer of food contact is grade 304 stainless steel, also known as stainless steel 18/10 - is the best type of stainless steel currently has high anti-corrosion properties and does not work with food, not contaminated, releasing toxic substances for health.

- 2 layers of pure aluminum and special aluminum alloy core layer in the middle for fast heat transfer and long heat retention. Heat is transferred evenly throughout the pot, no localized combustion occurs, and maximum fuel savings.

- The outer layer is 430 stainless steel or 430 stainless steel according to the standards of the American Iron and Steel Academy with magnetic properties that make the pot usable on all types of cookers such as induction hob, gas cooker, infrared stove ...

- Rivet straps, brandishing heat-resistant glass make it easy to observe food while cooking

Origin: Czech Republic
Dimensions16 cm
18 cm
20 cm
24 cm