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Technical data:

Model EL-7166, EL-7167
Code 4027166, 4027167
Voltage of 220 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Power 500 W (for code EL-7166)

900 W (for code EL-7167)

1.2 l volume (for code EL-7166)

1.8 l (for code EL-7167)

Thickness of inner pan 2 mm
Material heart pot Aluminum alloy
Sticky substanceWhitford
15 months warranty

Made in China

Salient features:

- The heart of the pot is made of pure aluminum, increasing the life expectancy many times

- Super durable non-stick layer, safe for health

- Keep warm for 5 hours, always hot rice

- Integrated 5 cooking functions: cooking rice, porridge, soup, steamed and boiled dishes

- Products of Elmich Group Czech Republic

Made in China
ModelEL - 7166
Volume1,2 L
Performance500 W