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Durable aluminum alloy material, fast heat transfer

Bottom stone pan from Colosseum Y1 Elmich is made of high quality aluminum imported directly from Italy. Aluminum material has high heat resistance, fast, even heat transfer, making food cooked faster and more delicious. The product does not contain toxic ingredients and does not interact chemically with food, ensuring safety for user health.

Safe nonstick pan

The pan uses natural stone technology, increases the ability of sticking to 2 times and limits oil, safety and not peeling easily, so it is convenient for cleaning and cleaning the pan. Anti-stick layer helps food when being processed without sticking to the pan causing to shatter, preserving the shape and nutrients inherent in food.

Outside is covered with non-stick, anti-stain Whitford Xylan, which helps you easily clean and wash.

Solid handle

The thick, sturdy Bakelite handle is heat-resistant, heat-resistant, helps you hold and move the pan easily even while cooking. The top of the handle has a small hole so you can hang pans on the wall and kitchen counter when not in use, keeping the kitchen always neat and clean. The bottom stone frying pan from Colosseum Y1 Elmich has a sophisticated European-style design combining elegant colors, contributing to the luxurious and modern look for your family kitchen space.

ModelEL - 3721E
Dimensions28 cm