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Technical data:

Model EOE-1838
Code 4021838
Voltage 220 VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Wattage 1500W
Volume 38L
Number of layers of glass 2
Rotary skewers function Have
Convection baking function Have
Guarantee 25 months

Origin: Czech Republic

Salient features:

- Products with a structure of 3 shells to help prevent heat loss and prevent heat in the outer layer:
+ The innermost layer is stainless metal
+ Middle layer is insulation cotton
+ Outer layer is a powder coating shell.

- Glass door has a 2-layer structure that helps the heat in the furnace be closed and focused, avoiding heat escaping, saving power consumption and ensuring safety during the use of the oven.

- The convection fan function makes the heat evenly stir, making you completely assured of the golden ripeness and evenness of the sides of the food in the oven.

- The skewers function helps food to be cooked evenly and deliciously.

- Oven EOE-1838 capable of baking a variety of foods: beef, poultry, ribs, fish, pizza, sliced potatoes

- Products are manufactured and imported complete units from the Czech Republic.

Voltage230V, 50Hz
Volume38 L
Performance1500 W